4 Factors to Consider Before Writing a Website Design Agency Brief


When you require a new website when it comes to business promotion, a good agency brief is needed. It is equivalent to a business plan; this brief refers to a detailed document that guides you for the project till the end. There is no industry standard when it comes to writing a brief for website design. Some briefs tend to emphasize on the explicit details and some on business values and philosophy.

Here are some factors to consider before you write one.

  1. Company and business information

An appropriate website design brief should entail your company’s background information as the agency requires knowing every detail about your business. Delineate the mission, history, size, future plans and locations of your company. These vital information pieces help in designing the team to grasp the understanding of your company and your service better.

  1. Objectives and technical details

Consider what you are aiming with your new website. Try to be as specific as you can in the brief. You might be aiming for raising the brand awareness, improving online presence, score some leads, and increase sales. Be articulate about your objectives. You can also share your old website to show which parts you want and which to let go of. If your project is huge, then be specific about the technical features and needs of the site to prevent scope and additional costs. Determine if you need user logins, registrations management, user dashboard management, the nature of the site: ecommerce etc. Then, you should determine the product categories, needed payment, shipping costs calculations, checkout methods, discount codes, shipping tracking etc. When integrating site with the external feeds and APIs, give them instances.

  1. Determine your target market and users

Whom are you aiming to reach and who is your customer? Determine the kind of people you want to aim via your website. Hence, the new website design Osborne Park can be based on for the specific target market. For the current customers, you can conduct some market research. To ascertain the customers you are aiming to reach via a campaign or a project on this new website, share your demographic information and behavioral insights with the design team.

  1. Design tone and consistency

The style and tone of the website should be in alignment with your brand and its objectives. These key elements should be consistent in nature. Consider your strategic positioning and key messages you are conveying to the customers. When creating a landing page for the sake of competition, add a lively design to attract your customers.