Add Value to Your Business with Leased Lines


Most of the businesses make use of leased lines because they connect two offices located at different places. A leased line is also known as data line, private line or dedicated line.  These lines are set up by the telecom companies. However, they cannot be used as phones lines. Internet service providers offer these lines at different speeds and costs depending on the requirements of the company. By connecting two offices, it is possible for the businesses to run the operations in a better manner. The voice, video and internet data can easily be transmitted with the help of these lines.

Leased lines for a smoother transfer

The data amongst offices can be shared as per the requirements of various departments in the company. The speeds may vary from 10Mbps to 10 Gbps. It depends on the requirement of an organization as to how much data need to be transmitted. This type of connectivity offers smooth operations because everyone is on same page when it comes to sharing and viewing data. Win the absence of these lines, any company may suffer huge losses in terms of time, money and efforts. The information travels along with secured channels ensuring the data is in safe hands always.

Most of the service providers offer support round the clock ensuring the transmission happens without any hassles. They are available to rectify the issues as soon as they arise. These are dedicated and secure lines, which may be laid down in the company’s premises. The user is able to connect to the host server directly and quickly. A separate hub or router is places within the office where the connection is to be established. It should also be noted that the Leased Line Costs might be higher for smaller businesses. That’s why, they have to look for other options. However, these lines are best for big companies with multiple locations.

Setting up leased lines

In order to set up leased lines, you might have to get in touch with a number of service providers. As the cost is much more than what is expected, you have to compare their plans and costs. Depending on the requirements, you must take the final decision to avail the services of a leased lines provider. It is also suggested to check if the service provider offers services in connecting offices. The company has to pay annual fees to avail these leased lines.  The type of internet connectivity should also be considered before choosing any provider.  It should also be taken into account that it is a huge business investment but offers the best internet solutions for companies.

For smaller business, other internet solutions are available such as Ethernet circuits and bonded DSL. This is because, they may not be able to pay huge annual fees to avail these internet packages. With the advancement in telecommunication technology, the world has already compacted. The leased lines ensures that all the operations in distant offices run without any interruption and the company experiences never ending growth.