Google’s 3D video call booth – what is project Starline

Project Starline?

Google never shrinks back to give surprises to their users. They always try to provide moreover facilities and simplicity to use. What’s new!! 3D video call booth!! Yes now Google is trying to implement the Marvel Movies 3D meetings that we used to see in movies from years actually in the real world.

After years of constantly depending on video chatting the concept of total realistic 3D video call is really thrilling.

This fancy 3D video chat project is named “Starline” by google. Noteworthy This next-gen video chat experience will definitely make users feel more immersive and lifelike. To capture a person’s appearance from different perspectives Project starline uses multiple cameras and sensors. Then getting all together into a 3D model and broadcast real time to whomever they are chatting. Furthermore, people in 3D can be seen from different angles by moving around and even making eye contact. 


_Cameras and sensors_

Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, lifelike. However Google is using  high research in real time compression, spatial audio, artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision to make this project possible.

Likewise the main goal was to achieve the goal to give the experience of a person sitting just across the user like they are sitting in the same room. To accomplish the goal google has worked on a light field display which creates a sense of depth and volume which can be felt without any additional glasses or headsets. 

From the fallen back 3D glasses TV’s they get to know that people don’t want to wear bad quality special 3D glasses for hours google make this 3D calling without any need of glasses. Cameras and sensors even track a person’s heads and bodies to adjust the image to their perspective.





By the preview rolled out by google starline user for person to person call not group chat as of now. As well, both sides seemed to be using highly specialised equipment so it could all work efficiently.




As if now the whole system of starline  is pretty big, an entire booth appears with dozens of cameras and lights. Video chat booths available in some google’s offices now for testing purposes they plan to plant with business partners in the upcoming year. 

The project starline is pretty expensive right now. Still on the other hand we are all waiting for the consumer version release. Google promises to share more about this later this year.

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