Hiring A Web Designer For The First Time? Check This Guide!


If you have decided to build a website, the next step to hire a designer for the job.  Many internet enthusiasts believe that they can use any free or paid template to design a websitewithin hours, but that’s nothing close to what a customized portal will look like. A customized website is designed with great care, focusing on the needs of the brand. No matter whether it’s a small business website or your personal website, you need a team that can handle the work and offer genuine assistance at all levels. In this post, we are discussing facts and aspects about hiring a web designer.

Ask the right questions

There are varied questions to ask when hiring a web designer. For example,

  1. How many projects have you completed so far?
  2. How many years have you been in business?
  3. Can you share a few client references?
  4. Do you have specific experience in this industry?
  5. How long will it take to complete the website?

The experience of a web design service is something you cannot ignore. Evaluating their claims on basis of the work they have done is necessary, for which you also need to call some of their existing clients.

Get an estimate

Web designing is a transparent process that’s scalable, as well. So, there’s no guesswork here. Once you have shared the details of the project, the designer is likely to contact with a proposal, which will mention the quote along with the scope and scale of the website. Pricing is certainly one of the important factors, but don’t be fooled by services that offer the so-called ‘lowest’ price. Web design is not about coding alone – It requires understanding of changing trends, technologies and practices.

More than just the website

A professionally designed website must be SEO compliant, and additionally, many companies also specialize in handling SEO, online marketing and PPC. As such, you can rely on them for management of the website, and it is also possible to have a tech support contract, where the company will keep a tab on every aspect and element of the website to prevent downtime.

Do ask your questions and make sure that the company selected is financially stable. New companies are not bad, but you need to check if they can handle projects that are of the same scale as yours. Shortlist your choices and get estimates now!