Introduction to Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation is the latest in industrial technology and allows configuring computer software (the robot) to pretend to be a human that interacts with other digital systems to execute business tasks automatically. These RPA robots utilize the user interfaces to use applications and capture data in a manner that is very similar to an actual human being. They interpret data and trigger responses and even communicate with other systems. And the benefit they have over humans is that they never sleep or make mistakes. Even the cost of a robot is substantially lower than the annual salary of an employee.

What Makes Robotic Process Automation Different

Initially, these robots may seem extremely similar to other enterprise automation tools. However, these robots allow organizations to automate their entire businesses at a fraction of the cost. It is also extremely non-intrusive and hence leverages the existing infrastructure without any disturbance to the existing business ecosystem. With the modern robotic process automation, cost efficiency and compliance have become an integral part of the process.

How Does It Work

RPA robots are capable of mimicking most human actions that you can expect from a user. They would do everything such as logging applications, moving files, filling forms from documents and even more. This is because of a very advance code-algorithm that has been made using machine learning and artificial intelligence that helps it work just as well as a human employee.


The benefits of a robotic process automation system are numerous and they include but are not limited to:

Fast Implementation

Robots extract information and incorporate it into their memory. On average, it takes a full robotic process automation system about 3 weeks to achieve 90% process automation. Moreover, it is guaranteed that within the first 6 months, you will achieve a complete return on the cost of the system.

Reduce Effort

Employees use manual and sluggish processes in a business and this significantly keeps you from 100% efficiency. With robotic process automation, you can let the effort level decrease in the office and instead make your employees carry out tasks that robots cannot.

Better Customer Service

Robotic process automation is extremely good at collecting information and processing it as well. This helps process customer retention data and other queries and complaints within minutes while human employees would take days.

Hence, robotic process automation is the most efficient way to get your business to skyrocketing success levels.