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iOS 14 iPhone updates – new widgets, features, full user guide

iOS 14 is Apple’s freshly released mobile operating system for iPhones, iPad and iPod. iOS 14 updates were announced on June 2020 officially and released to the public on September 16, 2020, in the WWDC 2020 which was held online at Apple Park.
The new update brings a variety of new features and ease to operate.

Before we continue lets see key some points we are going through:
How to update iPhone to iOS 14?
Widgets in iOS 14
How to add widgets to iPhone’s home screen?
How to remove widgets in iOS 14?
List of Best iOS 14 widgets
App library in iOS 14
How to use the iPhone App Library in iOS 14?
How to add apps to app library in iOS 14?
Picture in Picture(PIP) iOS 14
How do you use PIP on iOS 14?
Leaked passwords.
How to Check Leaked Passwords on iOS 14?
How do find saved passwords on iOS 14?
How to change Siri settings?
More iOS 14 updates
iOS 14 Supported Devices

How to update iPhone to iOS 14?

Just go to settings >General > Software Update> tap on Download and install.

update-to -ios14

iOS 14 Updates

1. Widgets in iOS 14

Apple has finally introduced widgets in  iOS 14 .
The iPhone’s Home screen has a whole new look with completely redesigned. Previously, widgets appeared on the left swipe on the Home screen , but with the new update Apple users can drag widgets onto the home screen directly. The previous widget page is still there behind a left swipe, but featured with new redesigned, round-cornered shapes. You can now place big or small sized widgets for a clock, the weather, maps, or stock prices right onto the home pages.


These feature in iOS 14 of Apple is same feature that have been available in android for years but must say they are more consistent and smart than Android’s.
In iOS 14 they also provided a widgets gallery also the gallery shows users top most using widgets by users.

How to add widgets to iPhone’s home screen?

1. Firstly touch and hold on the empty area of the phone’s home screen until the other apps start to jiggle.
2. Tap on the plus sign in upper left corner it will bring list of existing  widgets .
3. Just select a widget you want to add if you want a different size and shape of widget just swipe right and left.
4. Tap anywhere on the home screen to go out of edit mode.

How to remove widgets in iOS 14?

1. Simply hold on empty space on phones home screen .
2. Tap the ‘-‘ (minus) icon on the upper left corner of the widget.
OR Just long press on the widget you want to remove and then select remove widget from menu.

List of Best iOS 14 widgets

1.  Weather Line – visualizes about weather information
2. FunnMedia’s apps- health tracking apps
3. Copilot- bank transaction and account information.
4. Brief -news app brief of important stories of the day
5. Soor– Premium Music player app
6. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day- advanced dictionary app
7. FotMob- provides sports information
8. Noted- notes taking app
9.  Streaks – to do list app

2.App Library in iOS 14

 iOS 14  introduced the App Library which is a new way to organize and simplify your iPhone’s apps. It is a new way to manage the many apps that insanely roll over in your phone with auto-generated categories/folders based on your gaming apps, shopping apps, most used apps ,hide an app, recently installed apps and many more. However the name and folders are customizable.

How to use the iPhone App Library in iOS 14?

Go to your last page of app, Swipe from right to left from phones home screen until bump into page app libraries with automatically generated app categories.


How to add apps to app library in iOS 14?

1. Touch and hold the app you want to add to the app library.
2. Tap on move to library option.
How to download new apps in app library
1. Go to Settings > Home Screen.
2. Select app library from new app downloads

3.Picture in Picture(PIP) iOS 14

Picture in Picture works with apps that play video content. However the PIP mode allows the user to watch videos in a small popup window or take video calls while using other applications.


How do use PIP on iOS 14?

1. Open any video app that supports Apple’s PiP mode and play.
2. Press the home button or swipe the screen up of your iPhone.
3. Video will automatically start to play in a small pop up window to the top of the home screen, now you can use any other app without pausing the video.

4. Leaked Passwords

iOS 14 takes proper care of users security checks which is admirable.
Apple iOS now can tell you if your password leaked online or give alert on weak passwords using iCloud Keychain.
Leaked passwords means when you use the similar password on multiple websites and one of them gets hacked.
For instance google uses Passwords on android to store and sync passwords for websites and apps that log in on browser, similarly apple iOS 14 uses iCloud Keychain. it’ll work only if passwords are saved in iCloud Keychain.


How to Check Leaked Passwords on iOS 14?

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
2. Scroll and tap on Passwords.
3. Use your ID to unlock to get the access for changes.
4. Now, click on Security Recommendations.
5. Enable the toggle.

How do I find my saved passwords on iOS 14?

1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Scroll down and tap on the Passwords.
3. Go to Saved Password view, manage, or delete passwords.

5. Siri

With the updated environment of iPhone, in iOS 14 Siri will not take over all the iPhone and iPod screen by invoking it with “Hey Siri”. Siri now let you keep looking at your phone whether she is invoked. You can use Siri now to send audio messages, to share your Estimated Time of Arriva l(ETA) with contacts, to ask cycling directions for a particular destination and translate phrases over many languages. However you can enable Siri by simply saying ‘hey Siri’ alternately, hold the Side button, the Home Button of the iPhone or top button of the pro model iPad.

siri settings

How to change Siri settings?

1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Siri & Search.
3. Make changes you want by enabling/disabling toggles.

6. CarKey

iOS 14 lets you make your car  digital . Where in the year 2021 Apple’s iOS 14 going to offers to control and unlock the car by your iPhone/iWatch. But car must be compatible to use this iOS 14 brand new technology, wait BMW is the first partner to support this amazing feature in series-5. As your iPhone or iWatch will act as a digital car key via NFC or BLE in the coming days.


Other iOS 14 updates:
Compact calls– Calls in small pop up on the top of screen
Messages– Pinned conversation, Mentions , Inline replies
Maps– Guides while travelling
Translate– Natural conversations across 11 different languages
Safari– Fast and secure browsing
App clips– Discover app clips
PlayStation 5- Controller support
Privacy policy– More control over shared data

List of iOS 14 Supported Devices

 iPhone 11 
 iPhone 11 Pro 
 iPhone 11 Pro Max 
 iPhone XS 
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
 iPhone 8 Plus 
iPhone 7
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE (1st generation)
 iPhone SE (2nd generation) 
iPod touch (7th generation)
iPhone XS Max

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