Tips for Dealers to Encourage Employees Try the New CRM Technology


Technology can be exciting for businesses as it promises to streamline processes, increase bottom-line and enhance consumer experience. However, if you plan to introduce a new technology to your dealership before getting an approval from managers and employees then it can be an issue. They are the ones who will be using new technology but can be concerned and fear about the change.

Today, dealership needs to keep with new technology as there is a lot of competition. Independent service showrooms are built from scratch with the latest technology incorporated in each step of different processes. Basically, technology is intended to enhance consumer experience at different levels and through variety of platforms.

As a dealer, you strongly feel that an advanced automotive CRM technology will support competition and you don’t wish to avert it because of employee’s anxiety of modification then make efforts to gain their approval. Forcing your decision against employees will not be helpful in creating a great workplace environment. They will not be happy and feel burdened. Therefore, be open with them and request them to try the new technology.

Tips to motivate dealership employees for trying the new CRM technology

Discuss your decision

Gather managers of department that will be using this new technology. They may resist to this idea, so ask them the reason. Never accept answers like, ‘why change now’ or ‘we have been doing it in this manner for 21 years’. Ask for definite explanation why they believe the existing process and technology is better.

Create pros and cons list

Prepare pros and cons list for new technology and existing one that will be changed. Discuss the list with managers and get familiar with their opinion and feedback on every point.

Put forward your business situation

Clearly discuss the expenses, ROI’s, possible increase in revenue, and other concerns your business may be experiencing. If they still resist than ask them to put forward their business case and can existing situation deliver good results. If yes then how?

Allow employees to participate

Even if you may not be looking for their votes for approval, it is necessary to involve them. It will make them feel responsible to have a say of how, where and when to implement the new technology.

Start small

Introduce technology slowly like offer mobile tablets in service department. Suggest someone in that department who prefers the idea to give it a try.

Form cross-functional team

In Automotive CRM software system it is essential to incorporate employees at an early stage. Form cross functional team for selection process. At first there will be resistance but as process progresses and you reveal that their feedback and input is crucial in decision making process then they will loosen up to the concept.

Make sure to offer necessary training regarding the new technology, so that managers and employees can quickly get used to it and offer your dealership and customers what is needed.