which OS is best ubuntu or centos- 13 facts about ubuntu vs centos

What to use Ubuntu or CentOs?

Are you still confused about which Linux distribution should use? Which OS is best ubuntu or centos?
This post is all about what Linux distribution to use Ubuntu or CentOS with 13 facts.

Choosing OS is most confusing task because huge list of available options i must say: And it is more difficult when it comes to Linux distributions. Where it is on Linux distros, there is most famous Linux distros ‘CentOS and Ubuntu’.





CentOs is one of the open Source Linux distribution released in 2004. It is based on RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) which is used in IT corporate world and large organisations most widely. It is highly secure and stable. RHEL is available only with paid subscriptions service.




.rpm package installed using yum package manager. yum package manager is primary tool for installing, updating or managing Software packages in RHEL.



Firstly, We are going to clear up whats is Ubuntu LTS?
An Ubuntu LTS, is promice from canonical to support regarding LTS version of Ubuntu for 4-5 years. The Canonical support release a new LTS version of Ubuntu in April, after every two years.

However developers examines issues, bugs and errors from past two years and find best solution. Then developers accumulate development from past 2 years and make the one up-to-date , more feature-rich version release.

Ubuntu don’t need paid subscriptions it is free to use. Ubuntu provide free tutorials and guides for beginners.





what is LTS?

As we all aware of LTS means Long Term Support. What they mean by support?
Support is nothing but lifetime commitment of maintaining the software out the bug fixes and updates.
long term support insures users software security and stability.
In other words the LTS version software’s are with minimum bugs and it consists more forward developed software’s.


what to use, Ubuntu or centOS? 13 facts about Ubuntu and CentOS



1 According to 2020 HackerEarth developer survey mostly Developers and students uses Ubuntu over other distros.
The reason behind this Ubuntu comes up with best and in more amount of open source software that developers can work with.
like Python, NginX, PHP, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Java and many more.
CentOS has less and small software support as compare to Ubuntu.

ubuntu or centos

2 Ubuntu provides good documentation and Excellent canonical support community.
Whereas CentOS also have good documentation but small user support community.

3 Ubuntu LTS is secure. However to keep this OS secure developers have apply millions of patches.

4 But when it comes to stability CentOS is more stable than Ubuntu. As my experience i have been using both Ubuntu and CentOS operating system from years while using Ubuntu I was facing lot of updates every single week or month it is kinda frustrating for me till date.

5 This does not means that Ubuntu is not stable at all its just less than as compared to CentOS because its frequent updates.

6 CentOS have longer release cycle than Ubuntu and has less frequent updates.

7 Ubuntu is based on the venerable Debian distribution(GNU/Linux) Debian is an old Operating System based Linux kernel which is open source free software.
While CentOS is a free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Redhat Linux kernel is difficult for beginner Linux users because its more command Line based.
Where Ubuntu is easy to operate for beginners because its GUI(Graphical user Interface) based.

8 CentOs is best for developers and business that dint need newest release and updates this is why this is more stable and secure. CentOS always uses older but stable version.

9 Ubuntu is uses (Non Beta) newest versions. If user want all the latest updates and features of software then it is good to shift on Ubuntu.

10 Mostly large organisations prefer CentOS the reason is same longer life-cycle.

11 The hosting community prefers CentOS the most. CentOs is the primary operating system is hosting market till date.

12 CentOs uses apt-get package manager to install .rpm packages. Likely Ubuntu uses yum package manager to install .deb
packages. Where package manager is a software tool which insures software is up-to-date and is it installed correctly.
Also .deb and .rpm are files contain tree files, related to a particular application or library of files.

13 Ubuntu has custom designed pack for Gamers named as Ubuntu GamePack. Whereas CentOS is not that much optimised for Gamers.

Of course, At the end it depends on you why you want to learn Linux. As per suggestion try both Ubuntu and CentOS and then decide which is comfortable to you.


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